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Purple never goes out of style!

Hannah was walking down the street with Derek, thoroughly pleased that it was another summer in Dublin. She'd forced Derek to wear a fantastic shirt she'd found in a shop. It had huge I HEART HANNAH writing on it and was overall brilliant.

"So I was thinking that we should go shop for some purple curtains today. Don't you think? I mean come on, they might look nice in our flat." Hannah has decided that they needed to redecorate and what better place to search than Dublin.

For Belindy... >:D

Tonight you're mine, completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure
Can I believe the magic of your sighs
will you still love me tomorrow

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning stars
I'd like to know that your love
Is a love I can be sure of
So tell me now and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow

aka: A post in which she spams with bandom fic WHILE REPLACING BANDOM NAMES WITH NP NAMES. It's sheer brilliance.


all this marvelous stuff going on

Rupert was pimped, primed and ready for his very first big gay night out in Dublin in a long time. His heart had been broken by some stupid guy a few weeks ago, and he'd become a hermit ever since. It wasn't really as fun as he'd thought it'd be, what with the smelling bad and not going anywhere and being bored out of his mind stuck watching Irish TV and all. It was the Irish TV that had forced him to throw off the shackles of hermitage, shrug on his best apparel and call up his buddies for a rockin' night out.

And yes, Rupert had actually said "rockin' night out" without being ironic.

People forgave him. He was Rupert, after all.
And the party was just STARTING. Strobe lights flashed wildly, sirens blared, and Boyko was just putting the final touches on his disco suit. And yes, he had completed the look with a giant afro wig. Of course, it was the opening night of his long-awaited nightclub, appropriately named after his fabulous self. His "business partner" aka clandestine lover, Jesus, was going to be doing a couple of sets with him that night as they got their DJ on.

He was grooving in front of a mirror in his Office, which was adorned with zebra-print wallpaper and a giant heart shaped love bed for shagging Jesus THE LADIES.

He had his homegirl Missy blasting from the speakers, which he kept thumping at all times, because that was in the Ten Commandments of Fergie Ferg. Boyko was of course, more Fergalicious than even she, but he would never openly admit it, unless of course you asked him. In any case, Boyko made his divine entrance into the club whilst blaring her newest hit single 'CHING-A-LING' but of course his party was NOT ending at 2am.

He strutted into the club with a flurry of dried ice floating around near his feet, eyes narrowed and disco-ball cape flashing in the lights behind him. And now CUE THE HARLEM SHAKE. As he sang along. To Jesus yelling out "IIIIIIT'S BOOOOYKOOOOO!"

"THIRRSTAAAY, bring it over here!" And yes, he was shaking his money maker.


Hannah was strolling through a park, not particularly sure what day it was. All she knew was that she was on VACAY and it was if this park was calling to her. She was supposed to meet Anora soon, so hopefully that would work out. Perhaps they could have some GIRL TALK!

Anywho, Hannah started humming a tune as she continued to walk in the park

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Haven't you people ever heard of...

One would think that if a Rabe thread was being started, it would be Gabriel Salix. However, this time it was Hannah. Where was her brother? Off getting ready for the reception. Yes, today was the EPIC day. The RABE WEDDING. It had been incredibly boring and basically like an ULTIMATE PUREBLOOD PARTY. And now for the reception...

Hannah didn't really like Rowan at all. No, she seemed to be the exact pretentious irritating socialite that were the bane of her existence. Why her brother had hooked up with Rowan was beyond her.

But that didn't matter as much anymore. Hannah and Derek were waiting in the security line to wait to get into the reception. Why were elitists like this? "Careful, they might want a family tree. You know, check to make sure we're RELATED. Because after that wedding? I think I might be related to everyone here."

She sighed and kept an eye out for either her brother or her friends.

Saint Patrick's Day? In DUBLIN? Oh yes.

March 17th, year unknown... That THING in Dublin (or one of the many).

Derek leaned on the table and traced a line through the condensation on his pint. They had been here just about long enough, Derek thought. It hadn't been a bad vacation per se. They'd gotten away from the normal day to day routine (torn it up and thrown it to the wind, really) which was kind of the point. There was no one thing he could stop and point at to illustrate why they should leave- unless, of course, you wanted to lump the entire trip into one big WHAT THE HELL kind of moment. Coincidentally, he and Hannah had been kicked out of yet another inn and were currently...between places to stay. Still, that was no reason not to get some business done.

"You really think so? Is there even a market for that kind of thing?"

A strip club, of course, was perhaps an odd place to be having this discussion, but it was hardly Derek's fault that his source had picked this location for the meeting.

"And you say beets are easy to raise then?"

Feb. 10th, 2007

Oh, Merlin, Derek did not feel well. He rolled over and tucked the blanket tighter under his chin as he lay on the questionably clean couch in the latest inn he and Hannah had found to stay at. Oh, his head hurt. His body hurt. He was alternating between cold and hot and WHY WERE THEY STILL IN DUBLIN?! Hannah hated it here. At least Derek was fairly certain she'd been the one not wanting to come back. It was a bit of a blur now, possibly because he seemed to have developed an insanely unpleasant allergy to the ferrets Hannah kept stockpiling. (At least Derek was blaming the ferrets. He supposed it was also possible he'd caught something when they were wandering 4th street the other day; it was rather filty all around. Personally, he preferred to blame the ferrets.)

And where had Hannah gone now, he'd like to know? Left him to die on this ratty couch surrounded by trashy souvenirs and the occasional squeak, no doubt. Oh, and he had this one pamphlet to read if he got bored. Brilliant. He didn't hear enough about the stupid ruddy Model whatever it was from Colin when he visited 15 times a day. Perhaps death would be worth the escape?


Hannah was driving a superfast car down the streets of Dublin. An Asian gang was following her, trying to KILL HER! But she stayed calm, and managed to outmaneuver them. Thankfully!

The car rolled to a stop and she sat back in the seat, catching her breath. She was free now, away from that horrible illegal car racing. Free and in Dublin!