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Saint Patrick's Day? In DUBLIN? Oh yes.

March 17th, year unknown... That THING in Dublin (or one of the many).

Derek leaned on the table and traced a line through the condensation on his pint. They had been here just about long enough, Derek thought. It hadn't been a bad vacation per se. They'd gotten away from the normal day to day routine (torn it up and thrown it to the wind, really) which was kind of the point. There was no one thing he could stop and point at to illustrate why they should leave- unless, of course, you wanted to lump the entire trip into one big WHAT THE HELL kind of moment. Coincidentally, he and Hannah had been kicked out of yet another inn and were currently...between places to stay. Still, that was no reason not to get some business done.

"You really think so? Is there even a market for that kind of thing?"

A strip club, of course, was perhaps an odd place to be having this discussion, but it was hardly Derek's fault that his source had picked this location for the meeting.

"And you say beets are easy to raise then?"
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