hannah (hannah_salix) wrote in dublin_insanity,

Haven't you people ever heard of...

One would think that if a Rabe thread was being started, it would be Gabriel Salix. However, this time it was Hannah. Where was her brother? Off getting ready for the reception. Yes, today was the EPIC day. The RABE WEDDING. It had been incredibly boring and basically like an ULTIMATE PUREBLOOD PARTY. And now for the reception...

Hannah didn't really like Rowan at all. No, she seemed to be the exact pretentious irritating socialite that were the bane of her existence. Why her brother had hooked up with Rowan was beyond her.

But that didn't matter as much anymore. Hannah and Derek were waiting in the security line to wait to get into the reception. Why were elitists like this? "Careful, they might want a family tree. You know, check to make sure we're RELATED. Because after that wedding? I think I might be related to everyone here."

She sighed and kept an eye out for either her brother or her friends.
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