blackguardboyko (blackguardboyko) wrote in dublin_insanity,

The Distant Future. Club Boyko. Opening Night.

And the party was just STARTING. Strobe lights flashed wildly, sirens blared, and Boyko was just putting the final touches on his disco suit. And yes, he had completed the look with a giant afro wig. Of course, it was the opening night of his long-awaited nightclub, appropriately named after his fabulous self. His "business partner" aka clandestine lover, Jesus, was going to be doing a couple of sets with him that night as they got their DJ on.

He was grooving in front of a mirror in his Office, which was adorned with zebra-print wallpaper and a giant heart shaped love bed for shagging Jesus THE LADIES.

He had his homegirl Missy blasting from the speakers, which he kept thumping at all times, because that was in the Ten Commandments of Fergie Ferg. Boyko was of course, more Fergalicious than even she, but he would never openly admit it, unless of course you asked him. In any case, Boyko made his divine entrance into the club whilst blaring her newest hit single 'CHING-A-LING' but of course his party was NOT ending at 2am.

He strutted into the club with a flurry of dried ice floating around near his feet, eyes narrowed and disco-ball cape flashing in the lights behind him. And now CUE THE HARLEM SHAKE. As he sang along. To Jesus yelling out "IIIIIIT'S BOOOOYKOOOOO!"

"THIRRSTAAAY, bring it over here!" And yes, he was shaking his money maker.
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