Rupert Windsor Jones (rupertwindsorj) wrote in dublin_insanity,
Rupert Windsor Jones

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all this marvelous stuff going on

Rupert was pimped, primed and ready for his very first big gay night out in Dublin in a long time. His heart had been broken by some stupid guy a few weeks ago, and he'd become a hermit ever since. It wasn't really as fun as he'd thought it'd be, what with the smelling bad and not going anywhere and being bored out of his mind stuck watching Irish TV and all. It was the Irish TV that had forced him to throw off the shackles of hermitage, shrug on his best apparel and call up his buddies for a rockin' night out.

And yes, Rupert had actually said "rockin' night out" without being ironic.

People forgave him. He was Rupert, after all.
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