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Belinda wandered the streets of Dublin, somewhat in awe. She'd always wanted to go to Dublin and now she was here, it was a little surreal. She had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"Ow!" She said aloud, because the pinch hurt and Belinda sometimes accidentally spoke to herself, "That hurt a lot!"

It made her trip over the gutter. She landed with a thud, wondering what had knocked her off balance. (It was that her shoelace had come undone. That, and she was just tremendously clumsy.) "OW!" She said even louder, now rubbing both the pinch and the sore spot on her behind where she had landed hard.

"Stupid Dublin."

lucas the graceful dancer.

Lucas was walking around Hogsmeade Village, being generally awesome. He had bought some sweets from Honeyduke's and was absolutely NOT going to set foot in Zonko's, because Zonko's was for losers who thought that silly practical jokes were amusing. The great Lucas Longshore was above such petty, childish things, and he would make sure to let everyone know that as soon as he finished his most delicious chocolate.


Dome was zipping about Dublin in his trusty suit of rubber and spandex. The big 'S' that would normally stand for 'SUPERMAN' was replaced with a rather eloquent 'D' that stood for DOME.

He was rather proud of his craftmanship, as he made the suit himself. Actually, he told everyone he'd made it himself, but he'd actually bought it from Colin who'd bought it from Boyko in his amazing craftmanship at the sewing machine. Even though Boyko was an evil overlord, the man could sew a damn good costume.

He perched atop a pub in a very threatening and valiant pose, when he spotted his ARCH NEMESIS.


I've got an hour to kill before work!

((Time for crack Hannek to get the bugs out.))

Derek raised his head from the pillow and squinted over his shoulder. It was too bloody bright in here. Didn't they know to buy thick drapes at an inn? Never mind that he was just now waking at the disrespectible hour of 2pm. He'd had a long night. Which had extended right into early morning and then actual morning and...yeah.

He groaned and flopped onto his back, throwing an arm over his eyes. "What are you doing?" Please let it not be time for her to run off and get them into trouble again. This was the third inn since they'd gotten into Dublin.


Owen stepped out of his time traveling machine and looked around. Well, this wasn't the right century. Because Owen was a 22nd century guy, and this was definitely NOT THE 22ND CENTURY. Oh well, he decided to wander aroudn anyways. Perhaps there would be some interesting people to meet. After all, Phil Diffy Owen Pilot liked meeting people.
A strange sound filled the air, easily recognizable by someone who has already heard it. There was no one around, however, when this phone box appeared in Dublin, Ireland. It was a regular box, outdated and obviously not from this country.

It had been a few minutes and the box was still there, untouched, and no one emerged from the doors. Curious, indeed. One could only wonder what would happen if someone came upon it.

Future Thread! Boyko's House at Teatime

Boyko had just spent a fun-filled day going kite-flying with Vincent in the local park. He'd of course, worn his cape, and although he couldn't persuade Vincent to wear his in public, he knew that Vincent secretly appreciated his hard-worked gift.

He had just spent the last three hours setting up a lovely tea party for the two of them, where they could discuss some of the finer points of an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Oh, to have friends like Vincent? He was a very fortunate chap indeed. He laughed heartily at their in-depth discussion, "Oh my good chap!" he said, "Surely you aren't suggesting that Spider-Man is more proficient at rescuing damsels than I!" he slapped his pin-striped covered knee and splashed tea all over the ceiling. "GOODNESS ME!" he shrieked, and cleaned it up with a spray of water at the ceiling.


Lilah walked out of the club that she stripped at. Libby's Ladies was a decent strip club in Dublin. Most of the customers didn't have syphillis, so that was good. Unfortunately, she had to walk home now, so hopefully she wouldn't have to use her MACE to kill anyone tonight. People tended to stay away from a stripper carrying a mace. Good thing!

it's a drunk party!

New Years in Dublin was progressing nicely. Derek wasn't quite sure where Hannah had gone too, possibly to some last minute ferret trading before the new year and new tarrifs altered the going rate, but he and Taylor were still at the bar making fine progress. Derek hoisted his latest pint into the air and clinked it against his friend's. "To-" now only if he could think of something they hadn't toasted yet...

New Years in Dublin!

Well! Hannah had successfully convinced Derek to come to Dublin for New Years. Nevermind what they were doing when he'd agreed to it. He had said YES, so all was good. They had gotten a room at a fairly reputable inn. Oh Dublin, such fun! Except when that house elf chased them down or when they bumped into Maddox. Whatever. Hannah had left Derek at the hotel this afternoon, determined to find something fun to do.